I’m sat on a train heading home after a great day of meetings about my new venture.  I still can’t share what it’s about and when it will launch but what I can tell you is that things are heading in the right direction.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not all plain sailing but with every hurdle the plan gets stronger and over the past months it has evolved so much, the original idea is almost a distant memory.

One thing I’ve done differently this time around that I never did with my first business is talk to people.  I don’t know everything, I will never know everything, and whilst sharing your ideas at such an early stage is terrifying, doing it with those you trust will only help you in the future.  My plan has evolved so much from the initial concept because those close to me have thrown curve balls in at almost every opportunity.  Issues that I hadn’t considered but had I not addressed them I would’ve fallen down later on.  No doubt there will be many more that I still haven’t considered but I’ll be in a stronger position when I reach them.

Takeaway from this?  Listen to others you trust, both inside your industry but also look further afield.  If you don’t look outside the box you will never grow, not many ideas are original and they don’t necessarily need to be for you to succeed.  Learn from others.


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