Battle on the Beach 2017 – A Great Event.

March 2016 and many of the local cycling community headed to Pembrey, South Wales to take part in a relatively new event, Battle on the Beach.  When the returned they were raving about it so this year I decided to give it a go.

It’s a race, but that sounds far too serious, in reality it’s a really well organised, mass participation cycling event.  I say cycling rather than MTB, Fat Bike or Cyclocross because the course didn’t really favour one, which made it so much fun.  I used my MTB, and I was riding alongside people on all sorts.  Sitting behind somebody on a Fat Bike motoring along Pembrey beach with a tailwind made it so much fun.  I don’t want to take anything away from those who were racing, if you started near the front of the event then the likelihood is you were racing, and racing hard.  For the majority of us though, the sheer volume of people taking part meant that certainly for the first lap there was a fair amount of standing and waiting on the singletrack sections because there was only room for one rider.  I can’t say that took anything away from the event, it just added to the atmosphere and there was a lot of banter between everyone involved.  Normally aimed at the few individuals who felt running past a few people to try and gain an advantage was acceptable whilst the rest of us waited in line.  We are British after all!

We headed down on  the Saturday night from the shop which meant we missed the night time ‘timetrial’ which sounded like a real laugh.  There were prizes for every 10th rider so you didn’t have to be fast to find you had been rewarded for your efforts.  If you are into your cycling and enjoy trying travelling to different events, then I would definitely recommend this.

The entries sell out really quickly and last year they opened at midnight 31st December, I didn’t enter then, I suspect I was in no fit state to turn a computer on let alone enter the event but if you fancy doing it then make sure you put a note in your diary. It’s a great weekend away and one I will hopefully return to in 2018.

Event Website –

James and I before it all kicked off!

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