A trip to the Alps 

A few weeks ago I went on holiday.  I thought it was about time I escaped the day to day monotony of life and took some time out to relax without my laptop and go in search of some sun.  Some would say it was a busmans holiday as there would be some cycling involved and some would be right.  I took some kit as I knew there was a bike for me to ride and some stunning mountain rides if I fancied it, for the first time in years I rode a bike in glorious sunshine and really enjoyed it.  There have been times where I didn’t think ever I’d say that again.  I fell in love with cycling again.

If you ever fancy some beautiful mountain roads and famous climbs then I can highly recommend Morzine.  It’s known for its mountain biking and world class downhill but the road riding around there is on par.  Easy to get to via Geneva it’s a short flight and worth the journey.  I’ll definitely be back and I might even head up the lifts for a bit of MTB action.

Cooling down in 34 degrees…

Ceri Dipple

Entrepreneur in the cycle industry. Opened a bricks and mortar bike shop in 2008 with absolutely no business experience just a passion for cycling. Fast forward to 2017 and I'm starting a new venture. Watch this space for updates on my entrepreneurial journey.


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